Household Management

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As a wife, I do manage in the house like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and checking if our ref. is still full of foods. My husband sometimes helped me to clean up our condo but I do not really bother him to help me out as I knew he is tired of his work and my job being a wife is not that heavy to taking care of our place as I do not even clean everyday. Since I am not working nowadays, I am free whatever I may want to do and I can wake up late in the morning or sleep late at night. I do laundry once a week and that is not a hard chore but sometimes it annoys me especially when it comes in folding as it is a tedious one. I did laundry today while staying here in the hotel as this coming Thursday; we are going to other town. I am just proud of myself I did a lot of laundry today and managed to fold them all without stopping. Once, I accomplished things that I planned to do make me feel good of myself, do you feel that way too?

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