Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thanks to Joaquin Hester

A nearby town offers Friday night concerts in a nice park. My husband and I love to attend. It is a free outdoor event so we treat it as a date night. My husband usually drives out at lunch time to reserve a spot on the lawn by setting out our picnic blanket and two folding chairs. Many people do this to get a location closer to the outdoor stage. The organizers are fine with this just as long as people do not set out blankets before 9 am. They don't want it to begin the night before or the grass can be harmed. Surprisingly, no one ever messes with our blanket and chairs. It is a nicer neighborhood so that might have something to do with it. Since I work later than my husband, he usually is in charge of fixing our picnic dinner. Sometimes he makes yummy sandwiches and brings cut fruit and veggies and chips. If he is short on time, he may go by a sandwich shop or pizza place and pick up something. When he is ready to leave, he loads our dog in the car and sets the home security alarm( Home Security deals). It is so much fun to sit outside together with our dog, share a bottle of wine, and listen to local bands play pop or rock music.

My friend told me about this lotion and I went to the store and found they have what my friends talking about, so I got one and I tried it and I love it since it is smells so good. And since I have few stretch marks and dark spots on my belly, and I put some whitening lotion in there and I guess it works as it whitens or the darker skin made difference using "Belo Whitening Lotion." I do still want to order and I found out they have it in "amazon" which is good and I am sure I'll get one soon!