Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping is good but it is more good if you save some money doing it. I usually cut, save coupons and find 
coupons and print them. I feel good when I save some bucks when I do shopping and when I shop online, I wait a little bit 'till they offer great deals. Anyhow, I received the coupon in my email yesterday which I would like to share someone who would like to get $10 off any purchase of $30 or more! The code is JINGLE50 or you can see it below by clicking the image. And if you're not done yet of Christmas shopping, you can get something in their site or if you want to print store coupon, just leave a message here, and I will give it to you.

"Babiesrus" store is a place where I mostly shop for my kids stuff. Since I am a rewards member, I do receive coupons, free stuff from them which is good. Receiving good stuff from my favorite place to shop is awesome. Now, the "babiesrus" offers now extra 40% off all clearance clothing and shoes and that offers 'till Dec. 24. I am thinking I am going to go to this Sunday to buy things for my little ones.

I went to one store on other day that has also babies stuff but it's hard for me to find things and I regret why I didn't go to babiesrus, because I knew it is easy to locate the items that I wanted to buy. And since I didn't find what I am looking for in the store on other day, I have to go shopping again but at least I got coupons that I received from babiesrus which help me save some money.

Now through Dec. 24th! In store only! Take an Extra 40% off All Clearance clothing & shoes For a Total Savings of 75%

I like signing up my favorite shopping websites that offers free stuff when you buy their products. And now the "Victoria Secret" offers free tote when you purchased over $75 and it starts this Saturday Dec. 17, '11 until Sunday. I do receive some coupons from them which is pretty nice, when I get coupons I usually get bra or panties:). I like Victoria Secret since their products are high quality and it is one of my fave store!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Plus Size Clothing

I used to wear xs and small clothes but when I was pregnant of my fraternal twins, so I was huge and I gained a lot of weight and I wore plus size ladies clothing. I knew how frustrating fitting clothes that you like that doesn't fit on you. I was searching online where I can get Womens plus size pants as well, because I wanted a comfortable one even after I delivered my twins. Nowadays, it is easy to find as we have internet and we can find now plus size ladies clothing at exceptional value, unbeatable service and quality apparel for comfort. When I buy clothes for myself, I prefer comfortable ones especially this hot weather we have this summer, much more nice to buy a comfortable fabric or else it feels hot while being under the sun.

I used different kind of facial wash and it seems it's not suits to my skin, so, I have decided to try this "Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub" while I was looking around in the store, and I thought "Aveeno" known that their products are good which has natural ingredients. I didn't hesitate not to try their daily scrub. After just 2 days, I noticed my face skin becomes bright, soft and radiant. I love it a lot and this is the one that I'm using now and besides I love that has round microbeads to gently exfoliate.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thanks to Joaquin Hester

A nearby town offers Friday night concerts in a nice park. My husband and I love to attend. It is a free outdoor event so we treat it as a date night. My husband usually drives out at lunch time to reserve a spot on the lawn by setting out our picnic blanket and two folding chairs. Many people do this to get a location closer to the outdoor stage. The organizers are fine with this just as long as people do not set out blankets before 9 am. They don't want it to begin the night before or the grass can be harmed. Surprisingly, no one ever messes with our blanket and chairs. It is a nicer neighborhood so that might have something to do with it. Since I work later than my husband, he usually is in charge of fixing our picnic dinner. Sometimes he makes yummy sandwiches and brings cut fruit and veggies and chips. If he is short on time, he may go by a sandwich shop or pizza place and pick up something. When he is ready to leave, he loads our dog in the car and sets the home security alarm( Home Security deals). It is so much fun to sit outside together with our dog, share a bottle of wine, and listen to local bands play pop or rock music.

My friend told me about this lotion and I went to the store and found they have what my friends talking about, so I got one and I tried it and I love it since it is smells so good. And since I have few stretch marks and dark spots on my belly, and I put some whitening lotion in there and I guess it works as it whitens or the darker skin made difference using "Belo Whitening Lotion." I do still want to order and I found out they have it in "amazon" which is good and I am sure I'll get one soon!