Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My friend did invite me for her friend's birthday party and I am not certain what gift I should give it to her friend. Since it is cold and tons of snow outside would be hard for me to drive and go to the mall and go shopping for gift for her friend's birthday. I knew that stores still doing on sale and it came up into my mind that I better shop online as it is convenient, and I do not need to drive. Christmas is over but still store or online store offering great deals. Before I purchase the item I make sure I have a coupon code so that I can get a discount. Saving money while shopping is great. If you're searching where you can get a discount codes for Currys products and if you wanted to save hundreds of pounds and you can check here at http://www.promocodes.co.uk or you can check this promocodes.co.uk to get big discounts. In addition, the site also help you save money as they offer the latest promo codes and discount codes from the Currys Sale. And also if you would like to be updated to Currys sale, you can sign up from their site. Do not hesitate to check their site if you wanted to get a discount codes or save some pounds!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Before Christmas day, I did shop various gifts but I was uncertain what would be the best gifts for everybody but I cannot really think what they like. So, I ended up shopping at bath and body works as they have various gifts for everyone. I am glad that there is a store which is not far from our house. Gosh! shopping gifts is really tedious or tiresome, but I am glad I bought a watched a gift for my husband and he loved it. I haven't really bought unique or an interesting Christmas gifts but I hope next time I will have a chance to shop in the mall and also think unique gifts for everybody. Anyhow, I am glad the Christmas exchanging gift is over :-).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One a recent trip to my parents house, I found all kinds of different memorabilia for high school, which was decades ago for me. But it was just all sitting in boxes under the bed in my old bedroom and was in surprisingly good shape. My mom wanted me to either take it home or get rid of it, so I brought it back with me and am going to make a scrapbook with all of that stuff. I've never scrap booked before so I went online to buy some stuff and find some instructions. When I was doing that I came across www.SatelliteStarInternet.com and read through it. It ends up that we were looking for a new internet provider so I think that we're going to choose that one. I bought a big kit of supplies and also a scrapbook that has protective plastic sleeves so it won't fade any of the stuff in it. I think that just a few of the pictures had faded a tad bit so I want to try and preserve them the best that I can, especially all those pictures of me when I was so skinny!

I was thinking that I really need a cordless vacuum, because I am tired of a cord that tangled sometimes when I am doing vacuum, and I have decided recently to get a cordless one and I have found one which is in target website and it has high rating. I was searching a cheap one but high rated and finally I found and I bought it. I compared to the expensive one, there's no really big difference and I made my choice, and I used it and I loved it! It is great for easy for pick up as it is cordless vacuum! Eureka Cordless Vacuum is awesome! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weather Forecast

When I was still living in a tropical country, I did not care what is the Weather Forecast of the day and now living in cold climate, it makes me become aware what is the forecast of the day. In addition, living in a climate which does snow, I learned to appreciate when the sun showing where I live. And I did download in my iPhone an app for weather channel or a Weather Forecast because if I wanted to know, it is convenient for me by having it in my phone. In addition, I have also a weather channel in my laptop.

Through internet nowadays wherever you are residing you can just search online like if you live in Australia or somewhere in Australia, you can check the Weather Forecast easily and that link is helpful one that I have provided here, and it offers also an interactive map and free forecast widget, weather window widget and others. It is really great to have an internet, because you doesn't need to rely on newspaper or in the tv, you can just search or type where you live at and the weather forecast will show. If you're residing in Australia and you wanted to know the weather forecast of the day or current, feel free to click any link here.

My husband and I decided to buy needs for the babies in 'babies 'r us" and we spent like $400 there, we bough 4 boxes of diapers, 2 boxes of wipes, 6-18 mos. pacifiers, bottle rack, plates for the babies, diaper bag, formula and others. Paying around $400, we've got like $55 gift cards which is great and that means we bought stuff and we got some money back plus we've got some coupons. Sometimes when I go there and I do not have coupons, which disappoints me as I love to save money when I buy things. We've got also a coupon for our next purchase but I am not sure if we are going back there sooner. Anyhow, I felt glad we've got gift cards buying those things that I've mentioned above. I loved "babies 'r us" as they have what I wanted for my babies, awesome store and loved it!