Monday, August 9, 2010

When Pixar and Disney come together, it is a guarantee that the animation will be a success. 2004's The Incredibles was no exception. This is a tale about superheroes that go unappreciated and are forced to live normal, regular lives. This is one of the many classic animation movies that we enjoy on the satellite tv we got after looking for the best satellite tv companies in Alabama.
Mr. Incredible, known for his strength, is married to Elastigirl, who can stretch her body immensely. They have 3 children who also have superpowers. They are not allowed to use their superpowers and this doesn't please them. One day, Mr. Incredible loses his job and is offered another that will allow him to use his superpowers.
As time goes by, the whole family gets in on the action. However, they find out that the person that hired them is actually looking for revenge against Mr. Incredible. Once known as Incrediboy and his biggest fan, he did not take it too well when Mr. Incredible brushed him off. The Incredibles work together to save their family and the universe in the process.
Pixar films are different from classic Disney films as there is no sing-along music. What they lack in song, they make up for in jokes and action. It shows the values of sticking together as a family and learning to care for each other. To me, I think that is a golden lesson for my children and myself.

I stayed with my friend at least for 1 week and we decided to go to a store that specialized selling fruits and vegetables at a good price. The market named "Joe Randazzo" and it was my 1st time shopping in that market and found out the fruits and veggies are reasonable price and yes its pretty cheap. I bought several fruits and veggies.

Anyway, one time my husband told me that one of our friend told him that "Randazzo" has tons of fruits and veggies and it's cheap and I told him, yeah! I have been on that market before together with my friend. And my husband told me they have it here somewhere in DT., so, I did check online where its located and wanted to know if it's somewhere nearby in our house. I found out its about 16 mins. away. One day, our fridge do not have fruits and veggies anymore, so, I told my husband he can take care of the twins and I'll go shop some veggies and fruits in Randazzo. And I drove there and it took for me doing shopping there at least an hr. and I had wonderful time and I was glad I bought several asian veggies such as "upo, siqua, chayote" and other veggies that I used to eat when I still live in Phils. Oh, they sell also riped jackfruit hmmm...I loved it. I am happy that I knew where it is located and I can shop there anytime when we are out of fruits and veggies.