Friday, February 27, 2009

I have been seeking shampoo that doesn't damage my hair and I thought I could get an organic shampoo and conditioner. As I was running out those two for my hair, I have decided to shopped around in one pharmacy which is nearby in our place. I have found that interests me or caught my eye even though it's somewhat expensive but I guess it's worth it. It's $7.99 each and I thought I will just buy lesser than that price but I bought it and tried since the description is kind of promising and then when I get home I tried it and after my hair dried, I noticed my hair is shiny and somewhat more look straight and I was happy the result. The shampoo and conditioner's name is "Bio Infusion" which you can see the picture below that I attached. The shampoo has eucalyptus ingredients and lavender and the conditioner has calendula and lemongrass. Since I liked eucalyptus I bought the shampoo as eucalyptus leaves has great benefits and soothe and relaxing smell. I used to make a tea from it but it has bitter taste and before during my woman time, I used to drink tea from it as it helps my cramps, oh well...too much information. I better go now and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!