Monday, June 29, 2009

My husband and I went in Disney and I remember I drove from there to our condo wearing my old "Maui Jim" sunglasses. After about 3-4 days, I tried to find my sunglasses and I cannot find out and I am wondering if I did throw it away in the trashcan as sometimes when I am in depth thinking I do not know what I am doing like throwing stuff away or putting it somewhere and forgotten but as I remember when we arrived in our condo, I put it on the counter and perhaps I put it somewhere by the time cleaning our place since there was somebody will look up our place as it was up for sale. I am really mad since I lost it and it was expensive type of sunglasses and I had it for about a year and it was my fave sunglasses as it covered my eyes well and the lens was gray and it was good one. I felt regret why I was being negligence and I should put it in the right place but sometimes I am being neglectful and until now I'm still thinking where did I put it. I hope I will still find it as I loved it. I was worried that my hubby will not buy me a new one but I am glad he bought me the same type of sunglasses but a little bit different style which the lens and frame look smaller but the same brand. Since I tried and I wear "Maui Jim Sunglasses" I can say it is such a high quality and great sunglasses and it is my favorite brand and I feel good using it as doesn't slip and comfortable. Maui Jim is a great type of sunglasses and loved it!

* Case and Cleaning Cloth Included
* SuperThin (ST) Glass Lens
* PolarizedPlus®2 Technology
* Available Lens Hues
* Grilamid Frame
* Adjustable Metal Core Temples
* Built-in Nose Pads
* Flawless Finishes
* Nickel/Silver Alloy Hinges
* Rx Availability
* Saltwater Effectiveness
* Spring Hinges

my old sunglasses that I lost, bigger frame and lens this style called "palm"
this one is my new sunglasses the same style that I lost but smaller frame and lens

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When the woman fall in love and received an engagement ring from her fiance experienced great feelings and exciting and feels happy and proud that she got an engagement ring. By the time I received mine from my husband, I was totally proud of it and felt glad and I thought my dream is coming true to become a married woman and will be with him. Receiving my beautiful diamond engagement ring from my husband was one of the best day of my life. It was hard to express my feelings on that day that he surprised me with the engagement ring and asked me to marry him, it was such a thrilled and joyous day!

Anyway, buying an engagement ring for your fiancee can be necessary that you made a good decision and choose the best one which you think she will be happy and like it. As you know that once you give her an engagement ring, it will be in her finger forever. Perhaps, you are seeking a site where you can buy branded engagement ring, you might check this tacori engagement rings. Here at JR Dunn has great designer jewelry, loose diamonds, engagement rings, and swiss watches. I am sure you can find the type of jewelry that you want for gift or engagement ring for your love one. If you searching a site that offers finest jewelry online, feel free to check their site now!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have checked my email and got a mail from victoria secret which they offer ONLY TODAY for free tote with orders $50+. I have decided to share the code in here just in case you are planning to shop at victoria secret tonight. Here is the code 50TOTE. and it is just valid today and if you wanted to shop there and will order at least $50 or over $50, you can get a free tote. I was looking the free tote, it looks perfect for this summer and great to use in the beach. The dimensions of the tote is 13"Hx12 1/2"xLx12 1/2" W. You can see the picture of the tote that I attached here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I joined contest online which the price are women's products and the host of the contest is my friend who is also a seller of Mary Kay products. I have won and I received several Mary Kay products worth $50 and one that I ordered is this "Mary Kay 2-In-1 Body Wash and Shave." It smells really good and I used it all the time and I am out of it right now and I am planning to buy from my friend, eBay or at Mary Kay website. I loved it and I recommend to my readers, friends and to all! I may buy one soon as I loved using this type of body wash as makes me smells good, feels fresh and clean, wow! (lol).

Friday, March 27, 2009

Buying organic foods are expensive compared to other not organic foods. The good thing eating naturally grown vegetables or foods which are not processed is healthier. I tend to buy few organics food and it depends on the price as there are some prices are heavy for my pocket. I do not go to whole foods store a lot and then I searched online where I could buy some organic foods neaby in our area and I found one store sell organic and my husband was with me that time and he let me roamed around for at least 30-45 mins. The store was not that big but selling great stuff. So, I end up buying several foods such as soy milk, tofu, crackers, chips, thai noodles, cocoa beans, soy powdered milk, pasta and others. I did not find a lot that I wanted to buy, I just bought several foods that I wanted to try, and I used to eat.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I have been seeking shampoo that doesn't damage my hair and I thought I could get an organic shampoo and conditioner. As I was running out those two for my hair, I have decided to shopped around in one pharmacy which is nearby in our place. I have found that interests me or caught my eye even though it's somewhat expensive but I guess it's worth it. It's $7.99 each and I thought I will just buy lesser than that price but I bought it and tried since the description is kind of promising and then when I get home I tried it and after my hair dried, I noticed my hair is shiny and somewhat more look straight and I was happy the result. The shampoo and conditioner's name is "Bio Infusion" which you can see the picture below that I attached. The shampoo has eucalyptus ingredients and lavender and the conditioner has calendula and lemongrass. Since I liked eucalyptus I bought the shampoo as eucalyptus leaves has great benefits and soothe and relaxing smell. I used to make a tea from it but it has bitter taste and before during my woman time, I used to drink tea from it as it helps my cramps, oh well...too much information. I better go now and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My husband and I did spend in the Midwest to celebrate Christmas and new year and spend time with my husband family. We usually go there every Christmas holidays. Anyway, I never had a knee-high boots and it was my goal to buy one before we go to Midwest and it really happened as we had a chance doing shopping one time at the mall in Boca Raton, FL. They have a prestige mall in there that I liked and while we roamed around looking chocolate gifts, I saw "ALDO" shoes store and found their nice boots that I liked most. I suppose to buy a suede boots but I did not have enough budget for 2 boots and I end up buying that I want.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I bought several gifts for my husband’s birthday such as lindt Swiss chocolate, Seiko men’s watch, a mug, nice birthday card, and truffle chocolates. I was not sure what should I give to him since I do not know what he wants. I thought the watch is the best that I gave to him. It is not an expensive one, practical but working great as Seiko is a great watch. I used to have Seiko watch and besides it is made in Japan. Japanese watches are durable, great, and worth to buy.

My husband and I went to Johns Pass Village and while were wondering around we saw the sign Soap and Sponge Market and I did urged my husband to looked around and we might find what we want. We found sponges that we wanted to give as gifts for my husband’s mom and sister and bought several soap with goats milk. Speaking of goat’s milk, it reminds me my friend told me that she used to drink it and her acne cleared up and she has a smooth skin. I thought also that I should use goat’s milk soap hoping it will help my skin smooth and clearing up my skin from acne scars. I remember, an actress was interviewed why she has beautiful and smooth skin and she said, she used goats milk for bathing.

Why goat’s milk? Because it adds richness and creamier lather to bath and body soap and it is very moisturizing and it has been used as a cleanser and beauty aid for centuries. Furthermore, goat’s milk is also a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (are capable of trapping moisture in the skin and initiating the formation of collagen) and recent studies that alpha-hydroxy acids rejuvenate your skin and making you look and feel smoother and younger.