Friday, December 19, 2008

I have been a member at memolink dot com since last year and I redeemed a reward from them once. I found their site before while searching a site where I could earn money at home and I just stumbled their site. As I loved to shop sometimes online, I used their site to shop so that I can earn points and redeem any rewards but it take for a while to redeem a reward if you do not shop online and if you just purchase lower price items. Well…at least you get something or you can redeem a reward when you shop online or any merchant, which are listed or available in their site. Additionally, you can find some coupons in their site and you may find your favorite store online there that offers coupons, which help you save money. To find out more, check it out or if you are interested to sign up or to know more about it, you can click my banner that you can see under my ads.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have been a member for a while at mypoints dot com and I have earned points almost 5 thousand but I haven’t choose any merchant rewards yet, because I wanted to earn some more points so that I can get better reward. If you join and shop any stores, which listed at mypoints dot com, you will earn points and eventually once the points are enough to redeem a reward, you can do it. There is also a way in order you can earn points, you can take a survey from any sponsors but you might get mail from where you signed up but its up to you. Anyway, you can choose gift cards like sears, target, Amazon, JC Penny, border GC, Panera bread, timberland for your reward and much more! It is really a good idea as while you are shopping, you can redeem a gift card later on than shopping online that you cannot get any reward. If you would like to shop online and wanted earn points and get reward, you may want to join at mypoints dot com.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Friday, I did shop at Walgreens gift wrappers, ribbons, and stocking stuffers and found some interesting stuff that I love to give. I spent about 30 minutes looking around at Walgreens and finally, I found what I wanted like gift wrappers, stocking stuffers etc. Soon, I need to finish wrapping the gift before we will go to Michigan.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Few days ago, I shopped at victoria secret as they have special offer. I decided to get one of their sweaters, I took an opportunity while their sweaters are still on sale and besides I need more sweater especially my husband and I will spend our Christmas in Michigan. I never had a cowlneck classic sweater and I found they have one and it looks good in the picture and decided to order one. It just arrived today, and when I opened it, the size fit on me but I did not like the color in person I thought, the color will be the same in the picture. Sometimes, shopping online can be frustrating but well…I still like the sweater but how I wish I did order the color blue and it would be look nicer on me than the powder blush marl color which you can see the picture below. I am not returning it as it can be a pain in a butt and they will deduct the shipping and the sweater is a little bit expensive as it is $39 and if it is not on sale, it could be $58. I am keeping it as I like the style and I tried it on, it feels warm and it’s perfect for winter time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I did shop in "Victoria Secret" in WestShore Mall in Tampa, and they gave me a secret reward card and I used it on Cyber Monday and also they offer 20% off entire purchase but it's only until today (Wednesday). I purchased on Monday their great deal which is when you buy a sweater, you will get free scarf the value is $28 but only 1 per customer. I bought 2 sweaters and I paid just about $30 which is great, because I had a $10 off and 20% off entire purchase and I saved some bucks. The coupon code that I used was GET20 for 20% off entire purchase and for free scarf by purchasing their sweater is LUXE08. The sweaters that I purchased would be perfect to use when my husband and I will be in other State where we will spend this upcoming holiday season. You can see the pictures below that I purchased from Victoria Secret.