Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last night, I slept a little bit late since I was a bit busy after updating my blogs and then I remember my godson’s birthday is coming and I thought I should get him a birthday present. I rely in overstock dot com site when I cannot think any website to purchase a gift. I browsed baby stuff at overstock and found cute shoes for him and for his twin sister. I thought, I should get one for his sister too as they have the same birthday as they are fraternal twins. I was grateful that I found the gift that I wanted for them. This morning, I purchased them and I hope overstock will send my gift sooner before Saturday but if it may a little bit delay or after their birthday, it will be fine as long as I got something for their birthday and I hope they will love them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When my husband and I do not have time to shop on the store or in the mall for gift to somebody else, we rely on shopping online. It is a great help for us since it is convenient way to order and send somebody else a gift. A give thanks who did invent the computer and the internet connect or else it will be a big disappointment for us for those who do not have enough time to shop in the store. It is amazing how life is easier through having an internet connection and shopping online. Purchasing items online is great since by just the tip of your fingers, you will find what you want to buy. Anyway, before my husband’s niece birthday, I told my husband that we should shop earlier for her birthday gift but we are undecided what we are going to give to her. One day my husband’s mom called him and suggested that it would be a good idea to send her a colorful flower. Therefore, my husband and I shopped at proflower dot com shop but I told my husband before we will purchase, we should find a coupon code 1st so that we can save some bucks. We found a coupon and we purchased the flower that we wanted which was a gerbera daisies and we purchased with a chocolate and a balloon saying “Happy Birthday.” I think she loved the gift that we sent to her.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have been shopping 3 times at Ann Taylor Loft in WestShore Mall in Tampa in just 1 week. As my husband drop me off in the mall before my doctor’s appointment, I cannot resist not to shop and stopped by at Ann Taylor to look up some of their on sale. I bought 2 tote bags which I can put my laptop and other stuff that can fit in especially large things. It was up on sale for $9.99 and since the woman gave me a 30% off, it was just $7 something for 1 bag and that was a good deal and is why I bought 2 of them. Additionally, I bought about 4 kinds of sweater which are up for sale and they are perfect at this time as we have cold weather now. I do not really like to buy a full price, I usually prefer for sale, as I do not want to see any items, which I bought for full price and was up for sale on the next day. Ann Taylor Loft is one of my favorite clothing store, even though their clothes are not that look that hot like younger adults clothes as usually they have are for formal or office attire but I loved it since it looks sophisticated and the fabric are high quality which is good for shopping, business attire, party or casual.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My friend is a seller beauty product in Mary Kay and she has a website, which she runs, and she had a contest and I joined and guess what? I won the contest, and it worth $50 of Mary Kay products and I am glad that I won so that I can try Mary Kay. I haven’t use any Mary Kay cosmetics before but my other friend who used their products likes Mary Kay and since I won, I will be able to try their beauty products and I ordered already from my friend and I hope I will receive them soon as I cannot wait to try their beauty products. Anyway, while I was browsing the Mary Kay website, I found their virtual makeover solutions which you can upload your own picture but you should be a member 1st in order you can upload a picture or you can do makeover by just using one of their model which you can see in their site. You can find the virtual makeover, you can click new products and then you can find the “virtual makeover” and you are ready to go, just click the type of lipstick that you want, eyeliner, hairstyle etc. You can see the picture below that I upload my own picture there and it seems I am look different in there but it is somewhat nice.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Couple of days ago, I did shop womens authentic sunglasses and handbags and did but I did not win of those. I did shop also a timberland boots, I found one that I like, I bid on it, and in about two days, it will be going to end. The boots that I bid is cute, new, and the bidding started at lower price. I hope I will win the timberland boots so that I can use it when my husband and I will be in Michigan before Christmas.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Filipino Dessert

Last night, I cooked maja blanca again since I missed eating it and maja blanca is a type of dessert and it can be a snack and it is not too sweet. It is made of cornstarch, milk, coconut milk and other ingredients and it is easy to prepare. It is tasty when the toppings are crushed peanuts and I have not done putting that and I will do it next time. I posted lately the picture of maja blanca in my other post. So, last night, I made more maja blanca and it serves about 8 people and it will be good for about a week for me and for my husband. I served it to my husband sometimes and he likes it. Anyway, I have better go now and I am going to eat maja blanca. And soon, the birthday of my husband is coming and I am going to make a carrot cake and once it came all right, I will post in here and share the recipe.