Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hubby and I decided to go shopping shoes for him at premium outlet mall in Orlando which located in International Drive . We went there at around 12:30 and hubby wanted a new balance shoes as that is one of his favorite shoe brand. When we arrived at the outlet store, I was getting excited as everything that I wanted is there and makes me think (wohoooo nice lol) and makes me do not know where to go as any branded products are there, you name it! Hubby went to new balance store and I told him, I will meet him in the next door where I went to Dooney and Bourke store and after about 30 minutes, my phone rang and only to find out hubby is the one calling me and I told him he can meet me next door and when I saw him, he had a big bag and I asked him how many did he buy and he said “3 pair of shoes” and I said, what? I told him, “that is a lot” (lol) and he said, I need all of them so that next time, I do not need to buy shoes (ha-ha) and he said he good some good deal and that is why he bought 3 pair of shoes. He paid about $180 and you can see the picture that he bought.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I was thinking I need to buy new pair diamond earrings as what I have is so tiny which is barely to see and I have decided to shop at overstock dot com where a place that I shop for almost everything if I do not go to the mall. I was skeptical about it to buy a new pair of earrings as I do not see it in person, but it has a good review, so I have decided to buy it. It such a cute and lovely earrings that I ever have, I suppose to buy just a white gold but I was thinking that the gold is match to my watch and rings, so I chose the gold and I am happy with my purchase. I just have few earrings and I buy earrings very rare and last week, I decided to buy earrings. You can see the picture of diamond earrings that I bought at overstock dot com.

When were there and hubby was done buying shoes that he wants, I told him, I need to shop too as it was an opportunity for me to buy that I want in there even just few items. I told him, he can wait me at starbucks and he agreed and makes me feel happy as I can roam around and look some items that I might wanted to buy, even though I do not have really enough time but I was still glad that I have 1 hour to shop.

I was thinking I need new skirts, new blouses, and pants as what I have now are a bit small for me since I gained some weight which is annoying for me. I decided to shop at Ann Taylor and I found clothes which are fit for me and they are on sale mostly that I chose are worth $10 and I hurriedly shop since hubby just gave me 1 hour to shop and he might be tired waiting for me at starbucks too. I spent about 30 minutes at Ann Taylor clothing store and found what I wanted. You can see the picture below of clothes that I bought from the store and I am happy that I got new clothes.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I wanted to buy a big shoulder bag but I do not have enough time to roam around and I was in a hurry that time since hubby was waiting for me while I was shopping. It is hard for me to shop and look the products that I want when hubby is waiting or shopping together with me but I do not have a choice as we just suppose to shop shoes for him but I missed shopping as I did not do it for a while and I want to treat something for me. I did not find the kind of shoulder bag that I wanted to buy at Dooney and Bourke in Premium Outlet Mall in Orlando and while just roaming around in the store, I found a cute medium wristlet and I hurriedly pay it as my phone was ringing and I was thinking that was my hubby asking where I am and where I am going to meet him. I wanted more to shop, but I do not have time, so I was thinking, I could shop later again at the mall without my hubby so that I can shop around with no hurry at all. You can see my cute new slim wristlet stylish from Dooney and Bourke and it is fit for my camera, cell phone and my tiny wallet. I loved it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My husband and I stayed for about 2 days in Marriott in Tampa and so I have time to meet my friend and I get chance to go on shopping. My good friend named Malyn who lives in Tampa, she and I decided to go on shopping in International Mall. We went there around 12 noon as we planned to eat our lunch in there too. The International Mall in Tampa is my favorite mall since it is big and Dillard’s store is there. Before we get in, we planned already to buy some dressy clothes in Dillard’s, as we knew sometimes they do have 20-50% and we did not miss looking what they have on sale. We found out they have shorts, skirts, dresses, leggings, blouse etc. and I bought about 8 pair of shorts, 2 skirts and one tube and you can see the picture here the clothes that bought. You may think I paid alot of that but it is not true since the leggings suppose to be about $10 but they are on sale $3 which is a good price, and the shorts are about $3-7 each but the denim short worth about $20. Well, I loved Dillard’s alot and soon, my friend and I will be going to shop in International mall again and will be going to shop more in Dillard’s dept. store.