Monday, June 23, 2008

I went to shop in TJ-Max and looking clothes and shoes and while roaming around, I caught my attention some nice handbags and one that I liked is the “Dooney and Bourke. It looks perfect for me as some part of it are made of leather and when you see it in person, it is durable and worth the price and it will last long. I paid it about $100 and I never bought a handbag worth like that. It supposes to be $245 but it is on sale and besides TJ-Max offer low prices than other store even though the products are signature. For a long time, one of our neighbor here told me that in TJ-Max has branded products which are affordable price and my good friend told me also they have clothes which are fit to my size and I did give a try and found out I like to shop in there started last month. I did shop about 5 times in TJ-Max while staying there in Indianapolis and I always felt happy buying their products that are lower prices than other store. The store is simple but their products are great especially their shoes, handbags, clothes and others that you need or wants.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My husband and I decided to shop today since we do not have any left in our ref. as we have been gone for 4 mos. here in our condominium. The food that we had been rotten and I threw some food that is not palatable and I saw some that has mold on it. We bought a bunch of foods today but I forgot some ingredients for the dessert that I suppose to make but it is all right, as when my other Filipina friend will have a chance we are going to shop in Asian store. I could buy milk coconut, nestle cream, condensed milk and other food that I wanted to buy too. Anyway, we paid of our grocery shopping over $200 it seems we are doing shopping in “Sam’s Club” too. Normally when we do grocery, we just pay $100 something, I just get excited putting any foods that I wanted in the cart as it is been a long time we have not done any shopping as when we are in Indianapolis. We just do shop rarely in there as we eat out often and that is caused make us gain weight by eating out too much. Last night, I forgot to make a list for our grocery shopping as usually make a list before we go shopping. Well…I had fun shopping together with my husband.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sway Video Song

It is been for a while I have not updating this blog of mine and I decided to post a new one here which is a song that I love. I liked the song alot that you can play in here too and I kept repeating playing it as it’s one of the songs of my husband and I wedding song in our video and listening it makes me fall in love more, whew! It sang by Bic Runga but I guess it is a remix one and it was played in the movie “American Pie,” I really loved this song alot. When I went back in Philippines on year 2006 visiting my family, I heard it played alot in the bar, store or everywhere which is cool and I was surprised by the time my husband and I video during our wedding it is a background song which is great and I was surprised and makes me happy. If you haven’t heard it or you like “Sway” song, play the video below. Have fun listening and joined with her singing the song.