Monday, February 25, 2008

I do like to eat sometimes in the restaurant as I feel tired sometimes to cook and it is good to be pampered. I try to eat healthy food as I would like when I get older I do not feel a lot of pain in my body. I had a thesis when I was in college which is about “Healthy Food Intake to Man” and one that I never forget that “whatever you may eat right now will be your future tomorrow” and I believed in that, because liked if you eat a lot of protein in once a week or too much salt in your food and eventually there will be a result of that. It is good to be healthy and watch we eat. There are alot of people that I noticed; they eat too much crap food which is unhealthy and I cannot deny sometimes I eat also crappy food like too much cheese, chips and other processed foods and we feel sometimes like to eat it and once we tried it we feel like to eat more especially the food that we like. I remember, I ate French fries often and it is tasty and smells good but I knew it is oily but it is very tasty though especially when it is hot and sprinkled with seasoning (yum) and nowadays, I just eat French fries rarely when my husband order a burger and I steal some of his fries. Well…it is good to be healthy and having a good health can make us happy and that is an important besides money. When I am sick, I think differently, I said to myself, I do not need anything except being healthy. We should take care of ourselves in order to be happy and healthy.